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The advance notice or timing of many of the following items will vary depending upon your specific circumstances. Moving out-of-state or over a great distance will necessitate a different schedule and planning than moving across town.

Moving out checklist - A general guide for moving preparations.

Four to eight weeks prior to moving:

Set up a moving date with moving company. (Give them printed directions to new home.)

Rent storage facility if necessary.

Inventory all items the mover will handle so that later you can compare your list with the moving company. Take         pictures or videos of valuable items.

Notify post office, doctor(s), bank(s), insurers, schools, employer, friends, family, others of new address.

Notify school(s) of new address. Register children if moving to new school district.

Give Discontinue Service Notice or change address with home service provider(s). (Lawn care, etc)

Gather important papers in one place.

Start packing non-essentials items.

Complete any property repairs that you are responsible for.

Start using up stored consumable food.

Two/Three weeks Prior to move:

Continue with any items above that have not been completed or need additional attention.

Pack up all non-essential items in garage and shed.

Properly dispose of hazardous materials/liquids.

Make plans for children during move.

The Final Week:

Continue with any items above that have not been completed or need additional attention.

Confirm arrangements (Date/Time) with mover(s) and storage facility.

Locate /Confirm all paperwork that is related to you new house/apartment is complete.

Close all bank and other accounts that you will no longer be using.

Disassemble any furniture, yard equipment or other items that are being moved.

Clean - Leave the home or apartment clean and in good repair for the next owner or occupant. Defrost         refrigerator/freezer. Clean appliances.

Make sure all moving boxes are properly marked with contents or rooms. Make sure any items that are NOT         going with the mover are clearly marked as such.

Set up disconnect dates with your cable and utility providers.

Last day at the Old Home:

Get up early!!

Strip beds. Finish packing final items.

Walk through house with movers. Confirm all details of moving with movers.

Make a final cleaning and check every room for forgotten items. Tag or make a check list for each room so that         you know it has been checked and cleaned.

Get keys for new home if you have not already done so. Deliver keys from old house/apartment to new         owner/complex manager.

If not completed, make sure all utilities at OLD house/apartment have been notified of change.

If not completed, make sure all utilities at NEW house have been notified of change and turned on.

Turn off all lights etc. and lock up.

Moving IN at new home:

Have plenty of drinks and snacks available for yourself and movers.

Confirm that everything is working and utilities are turned on.

Do any necessary cleaning prior to movers arrival and unpacking.

Work with movers to supervise unloading.

Unpack necessities. Unpack other items in orderly fashion and as time or need allows.

For household and moving insurance purposes, check all items for damage. In some cases you will need to         make a claim within a short period of time. Most moving companies have a limited amount of time under which         you can file a claim for items damaged during the moving process.

Check with post office or mail person to confirm your new residence and delivery of mail.

Introduce yourself to new neighbors.

Register in new voting district. Locate professional services such as doctor, dentist etc,.

If moving to a new state, register vehicle and change drivers license.

Relax and enjoy your new home.


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