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When you purchased your home there were probably several reasons why you were attracted to it. These reasons may be the same reasons your buyer will make an offer. At the very least, they will be items that may be useful in marketing your property today.

Prepare your home to SELL!

First impressions are lasting impressions and time is NOT on your side. I'm sure you have heard these sayings before. When selling a home nothing could be more true. If a buyer has a negative first impression you have lost the potential for an offer, and if they do make an offer it is likely to be substantially lower than what you are looking for. Furthermore, the longer your property sits on the market the less likely it is to sell at or near asking price.

To get the most from your sale in the least amount of time, follow these simple steps below:

Curb Appeal

Check the exterior of your house. Make sure that:

  • The roof is clear of moss, debris and obstructions.
  • The gutters are fastened securely and are clear.
  • Windows and shutters are clean and in good repair.
  • Siding is clean and secure.
  • Painted surfaces are not peeling.
  • Front door is clean and in good shape. Hinges are oiled.
  • Bushes, shrubs and trees are trimmed.
  • Plants are trimmed. Flower beds are weeded and mulched.
  • Lawn is free from weeds and debris, trimmed, edged and cut.

Interior Appeal

  • Rooms are freshly pained and bright. (Neutral colors are usually best.)
  • Light switches are clean. All lights and light bulbs are in working order.
  • Screens repaired and cleaned.
  • Chandeliers and glass covers are clean.
  • Carpets have been professionally cleaned or replaced with neutral carpets.
  • Rooms are staged for maximum appearance and space.
  • Clutter is removed.
  • Closets appear as large as possible. (Remove items and store outside home if possible.)
  • All boxes, clutter and garbage are removed.
  • Remove family photos, mementos, knickknacks and personalized items.
  • Leaky faucets repaired.
  • Bathrooms and kitchen are clean and clear of excess items and appear as large as possible.
  • Fix/Replace worn or damaged tile,countertops, door knobs, bath room grout, lamps, lampshades.
  • Replace any worn entry rugs or door mats.
  • Check for odors.

NOTE: Buyers like to snoop and are not affraid to open cupboards and closets. A messy closet, cupboard or pantry can send a potential buyer the wrong message. Organization and cleanliness are indicators that might tell how well the rest of the house was cared for.

Prior to your showings

  • Open all the drapes and curtains to maximize lighting and spaciousness.
  • Turn on all the lights. (Even in the daytime.)
  • Turn on soft, relaxing background music.
  • Tidy bedrooms and other rooms.
  • Scent all rooms with vanilla or other fresh, pleasing smell.
  • Remove ALL pets!!

The Showing

In today's world, caution is your best friend. Make sure you know who is coming to your home! Beyond that, when the doorbell rings for showings you should politely answer the door. Once you have identified the agent you should then excuse yourself and go outside or at the very least not be in the same area as your prospective buyers and agent. If you remain nearby the potential buyer will feel uncomfortable and not spend the time they should looking at your house. Additionally, they will not feel comfortable looking in the cupboards, closets and asking their agent questions.

Remain Flexible

Whether the buyer or seller, time is of the essence. In simple definition, any delay, reasonable or not, slight or not, may mean the loss of a sale or the cancelation of a contract. Remain flexible on when agents can show your property. Additionally, keep in mind that contingencies, specific moving dates and similar items that you hear of in contracts can often have undesirable effects. Consult your attorney and real estate agent.


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